Plastic Key Tags
Custom Printed With Your Branding!

image of plastic key tag with custom printing

Plastic key tags are one of the best marketing values and support tools for your business.

  • Scan your member key tags to allow them access to your venue or event.
  • Record the number on the key tag for your rewards or loyalty programs.
  • Your branding is in your customer's hands every time they use their key tag.

Custom printed plastic key tags are printed on PVC or a synthetic composite stock that is laminated. They will not peel apart. They detach easily with smooth edges.

We have all sorts of shapes and configurations -- from single key tags to wallet card combinations that include attached key tags.

We've included our most popular configurations on our web site, including barcode key tags, but if you don't see what you are looking for here, please contact Tele-Pak and we will be able to assist you.

image of plastic key tag with custom printing
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  • PVC or Composite Laminated
  • Most common weight and material:
       .30 mil Composite Laminated
  • .24 mil, .20 mil PVC may be available, please inquire
  • Some tags deliver within a plastic
    matrix and must be popped out to distribute
    the single key tag units.


  • Barcode
  • Numbering
  • Signature Panel
  • Active Label
  • Personalization
  • Pin Numbers
  • Security Scratch-offs
  • Magnetic Stripes and Encoding

   “I just wanted to let you know that I received my order today and that I'm very
    pleased with the quality of the work. Please let everyone involved know that they
    did an excellent job. Will keep you in mind for future jobs. Thanks.”
-D. Ward, President     ASFCME Local 686   


  • Two-up key tag by Tele-Pak Card Printing Inc.
  • Two-up long style key tag by Tele-Pak Card Printing Inc.
  • Automotive key tags are commonly used for customer loyalty programs
  • Eight-up S shaped plastic key tags by Tele-Pak Card Printing Inc.
  • Ten-up plastic key tags by Tele-Pak Card Printing Inc. are economically priced.
  • Card plus one key tag combination by Tele-Pak Card Printing Inc.
  • Card plus two key tags combination by Tele-Pak are great fundraising cards!
  • Card plus three key tag combination by Tele-Pak Card Printing Inc.
  • Distribute your branding conveniently and economically with our card with key tag combination.
  • This combination card and key tag are often used by libraries.
  • Our multishopper plastic card and printed key tag combination is our most popular
  • Triple shopper card and key tag combinations by Tele-Pak is another popular way to get your branding in front of your customers
  • Our dog bone shaped key tags - great for veterinarians, pet shelters, pet shops, pet food customer rewards programs.
  • Our dog tag shaped key tag is highly rounded and the perfect size for a company that wants their branding to stand out
  • Any business can use this distinctively shaped key tag by Tele-Pak!